Slovak Direct Selling Association

Slovak Direct Selling Association

The Slovak Direct Selling Association (ZPP) associates major international retail companies. For more than 20 years ZPP has been promoting interests of its member companies and their salespersons, taking care of the integrity of the business environment and compliance with the rules of ethical conduct. Its activities also contribute to consumer protection and better awareness of direct selling as a unique business opportunity and selling method of supreme quality products. ZPP cooperates with Slovak state authorities, regulators, educational institutions and the media. ZPP is a member of the European Direct Selling Association (SELDIA) and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA).

Main objectives of ZPP:

  • Raising awareness of the general public by providing information and publicity on the correct functioning of direct selling.
  • Protecting direct selling companies and individual direct sellers.
  • Creating sound business environment and promoting fair competition among direct selling companies and individual direct sellers mainly by defining general criteria of fair competition and monitoring their observance.
  • Creating preconditions and directly supporting development of legal and business conditions for entrepreneurs.
  • Being a partner of law-making and state administration bodies aiming at informing them of conditions of business activities on the market.
  • Shaping public opinion and together with NGOs and government authorities promoting adequate image of the direct selling business and the entrepreneurship as such.

Direct selling

Direct Selling means any selling methods which are based on the personal contact between a salesperson, hereinafter called ‘Direct Seller’ and a customer and which are carried out through personal or individual explanation or demonstration, physically or digitally, of products, away from business premises.

Code of Conduct

The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) publishes for its members all over the world the International Direct Selling Code of Conduct in relation to direct sellers and among direct sellers and companies. The Direct Selling Code of Conduct covers relationships between direct selling companies and direct sellers and among direct selling companies. The Code of Conduct aims at protecting direct sellers, promoting fair competition within the framework of free enterprise, promoting direct selling image among the public and attractiveness of direct selling as a welcome opportunity for earning income.

The ZPP Code of Conduct is not law but obligations for member companies and direct sellers arising from it require a high level of ethical conduct which is in line or may go beyond the legislation in force.

Member companies are obliged to adopt and enforce the ZPP Code of Conduct and the Articles of Association as a condition of admission and continuing membership in ZPP.

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Administrator of the Code of Conduct

The Code administrator is a supreme body supervising compliance with the Code of Conduct of the Association, direct selling rules and respecting principles of refraining from unfair competition with respect to all ZPP members.

The Code administrator is an independent lawyer who in case of disputes acts as an independent body recommending resolutions of the dispute and providing free-of-charge assistance to consumers. The Code of Conduct integrates control and enforcement mechanisms allowing to use remedial measures or sanctions in case of its violation.

For consumers, the Code of Conduct is a guarantee of serious conduct based on rules known in advance with a clear possibility of appeal.

Administrator of the Code of Conduct

JUDr. Boris Bohunský
Borec & Bohunský
advokátska kancelária * law office
Kozia 20
811 03 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Tel./Fax: +421 2 52931029

Why becoming a member

  • ZPP guarantees compliance with the rules and business ethics, membership is perceived as confirmation of solid and professional image
  • Opportunity to become part of the consultation process on relevant laws
  • Receiving regular press and legislation monitoring, including legal news from the EU
  • Raising professionalism and getting up-to-date information on direct selling (thanks to ZPP membership in the European Direct Selling Association, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, and other Slovak organizations)
  • Networking not only within the industry
  • Participation in other activities of ZPP
  • Authorisation to use the ZPP logo on promotional and other materials
  • Actively contribution to curbing unfair business practices
  • Joint support of direct selling interests and raising awareness of its economic importance
  • Becoming a member of the group of important global direct selling companies active on the Slovak market
  • Enhancing your influence on creation of positive perception of direct selling

Members of ZPP

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